Trudy Concept Dump #3 

Posted by Radek on October 14th, 2010.

Categories: concepts, trudy's mechanicals.

The third batch of our concept art for Trudy’s Mechanicals.

Homunculus01 Trudy Concept Dump #3

The Homunculi are the only human-engineered entities that are organic in nature. Their diminutive size and dexterous hands allow them to serve as Trudy's hidden handymen.

Homunculus Trudy Concept Dump #3

The finalized Homunculus. The deformed proportions and odd skin tone were a conscious choice of their designer to prevent them from getting mixed up with real humans.

decprops01 Trudy Concept Dump #3

Some decorative props.

cavehatchery Trudy Concept Dump #3

A corroded tunnel and a hatchling hive of the Sewer Slugs.

gatturret01 Trudy Concept Dump #3

An early prototype of a gatling-gun turret.

ravager02 Trudy Concept Dump #3

Preliminary sketch of the Ravagers, deranged cousins of the Homunculi.

Ravager Trudy Concept Dump #3

The finished Ravager wielding two flintlock pistols.