December 23rd, 2014

Feeling the holiday spirit, we've decided to make Feeding Time free for Christmas! Hope you all check it out!

Although a game's branding rarely has much to do with its gameplay, it's still a very important forward-facing aspect to consider.

For Feeding Time's logo, we decided to create numerous designs and get some feedback before committing to a single concept. Our early mockups featured both a clock and…

While some movement was best handled programmatically, Feeding Time's extensive animal cast and layered environments still left plenty of room for hand-crafted animation.  The animals in particular required experimentation to find an approach that could retain the hand-painted texturing of the illustrations while also harkening to hand-drawn animation.

An early pass involved creating actual sketched frames, then slicing the illustration…

Feeding Time's interface was one of many components of the game that went through continuous iteration along its development. The overall theme revolved around traveling the world and delivering food to hungry animals, but the style it was presented in changed several times over.

Through this article we will…

With the look of Feeding Time's animals nailed down, it was time to move on to the backgrounds. For our initial backdrop, we went with a living room as it nicely tied together all the typical household pets.

It also let us use a carpet to cleanly delineate the numerous gameboard components…

When Feeding Time began to move past its prototyping phase, we decided we didn't want to make just another puzzle game with abstract shapes and symbols; jewels and candies are all fine, but they lack a certain sense of life and personality.

Since we also weren't making a match-3 title but rather a game about pairing things up, combining animals…

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June 20th, 2014

We've been approved, and Feeding Time will be available on the AppStore on June 25th! Don't miss our $0.99 launch sale!

April 17th, 2014

Easter's here, and Feeding Time will soon arrive as well!

February 20th, 2014

Along with the trailer, we've finally put up our website too! Check it out!