Incubator Games was founded on October of 2009 by a group of three industry professionals with ten years of experience on various award winning titles.

To date, the Toronto-based group has completed numerous work-for-hire projects aimed at platforms such as Facebook, iOS, PC and Mac, and continues development on contract-based and original IP games.

Our studio's goal is to explore various videogame genres and technologies through lovingly crafted titles. For additional information, please visit our press kit.


Play Puddle

Our team created multiple original Facebook games for Play Puddle's that have garnered millions of players to date!

Career Cruising

Career Cruising contracted us to develop ccSpark!, a web-portal and collection of educational adventure titles we created in collaboration with No Crusts Interactive.

Science Alberta

We've done various work with the fine folks at Science Alberta, including the development of web and iOS based titles such as Kelvin's Space Ranch, The CO2 Connection, and Project VRP.


TransGaming, a large multi-platform developer and digital distributor, contracted us for work on a custom iOS product.


We originally helped Social Deck -- now a part of Google! -- with Spark, a platform that facilitated social gaming across multiple platforms such as iPhone and Blackberry.


If you'd like to work with us, or give us money in exchange for goods or services, or -- you know -- you just want to chat, feel free to e-mail us at info -at- incubatorgames -dot- com.
NOTE: We'll be posting all job ads on our website, so feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed to get in early on any openings. Of course you can still get in touch with us at any time, but please include links to your resume/portfolio in order to be archived for future reference!