Steampunk Cosplay – Fan Expo 2015! 

Fan Expo has set sail for 2015, although we could not attend as an exhibitor this year we were however able to snap a few shots of some outstanding Steampunk cosplay and trinkets! Here are some of the fantastic designs of some awesome individuals we met at Fan Expo. 20150906_155108 20150906_125628 20150906_145137 20150906_154914 20150906_145558 Fan Expo is a great place to meet up with wonderful people who share the same passion and love for a variety of interests, whether it is comic books, video games, science fiction or steampunk. We hope in the near future we will be able to attend some local conventions and demonstrate some of Trudy’s Mechanicals playable content with everyone. Until then, we will be event hopping when and if we have the spare time!

Posted by Laura Marshall
@iLaurraa, PR at Incubator Games