Trudy Music Opening *Closed* 


These guys need a proper leitmotif.

As Trudy’s Mechanicals exits its pre-production phase, we’d like to open the doors for a talented composer to join our team!

We’re interested in creating a distinct soundtrack that complements the game’s dark tone, loosely Slavic setting, and Steampunk aesthetic. Accordingly, the composer shouldn’t feel afraid to break away from the military marches, triumphant horns, and soaring string sections that are typical of the tactics genre.

We want someone who can tap into the cultural aspects of the setting using accordions, balalaikas, fiddles, and tambourines in rhythmic and chaotic musical forms. Steampunk itself also provides a wonderful backdrop that can be used for texture and rhythm, e.g., whistling pipes, chattering typewriters, pumping piston, winding clockwork, etc., and we’d love to use such samples to enhance the overall atmosphere.


Click the image above to check out more Trudy art on our imgur page!

Trudy will require a wide variety of musical themes for characters, areas, story elements, and battle themes, and we’d like someone to take an active and creative part in that production. If you’re interested in the project, please e-mail us at work -at- incubatorgames -dot- com with a link to your portfolio, and preferably a specific track that best matches our desired texture.

Thanks for your time!

Posted by Radek Koncewicz
@JustRadek, designer at Incubator Games
Paul Fredericks Says:

Hey my name is paul Fredericks I’m a music teacher, composer, and gamer.
I saw your post and wanted to send you my resume. I wouldn’t be able to do your project probono is there any chance you’d be able to do some upfront payment?
If not maybe we could discuss something else (if you even enjoy my work!)
Here’s my resume and some links to my music!
I hope to hear back soon! -Paul Fredericks

Sergej Says:

I’m composer & musician.
I have extensive experience in writing 100% original music tracks & SFX for games, applications.
The quality of some of my work can be heard on


Mathew Kong Says:

This game looks fantastic! I’d love the opportunity to compose the score; e-mail sent!

Jordan Livingston Says:

Looking forward to it. Great concept!

Ivan Says:

Just do it!!)

Matija Kos Says:

Hello. My name is Matija and I’m a musicology Student in Austria, Musician and fresh in composing. My range of instruments that i record live is quite ok, like the the use of croatian tamburica, mandolin, doublebass, violin and some other minor instruments. I just started composing for games so I am looking for projects where i can develop my style and learn a thing or two about the industry itself. My soundcloud has only one piece what I made but it will contain much more material soon.

It would be a great thing for me if i could join you guys on your project and make it work. I am a nice and very flexible person to work with open for every suggestion.

Thank you and best regards, Matija

Dimos Stathoulis Says:

Awesome graphics! Great job guys!

Vlad Vitvitsky Says:


My name is Vlad. I’m from Ukraine. I am composer and sound designer.
I have experience in creating music for game.
My portfolio

I will happy to work with you))

Benjamin McCulloch Says:

My email is on its way. Good luck finding the right person, and I hope that I can collaborate with you.


jesus Says:

hello, i´m a composer i´ve done music for shortfilms and i´ve produce original music. i would like to participate. the budget can be modified depending on the numbers of tracks

Dmitry Efimov Says:

Hi! I write music for Films but I always would like to write music for Game. Because I love games. How I work with different characters leitmotifs you can see here This is a big soundtrack for great silent movie Nosferatu by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. Also I write background themes for diffrent scenes. It will be great to work with you!

Arthur Varkvasov Says:

Hi guys! I sent my portfolio and examples of work on your email. I like your game, it is unusual and should be a fun adventure)

Alexandr Says:

Do you need the original music score? I think I can help you.
Have experience of work in 4 movies, commercials and TV projects. Work in different genres: drama, comedy, action, children’s and other. Love to try force in new genres for me.
Work with symphonic, ethnic and traditional stuff.

My works:

Thank you for your time.

William Chrapcynski Says:

This is certainly the sort of project I can sink my teeth into. I have experience in both composition and sound design and find this sort of music fascinating and fun. I have several connections to various musicians and I could probably even record a number of tunes with live instruments. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Garrett Williamson Says:

Hey there! My name is Garrett Williamson. I am interested in this project, it looks great! I absolutely love the idea you guys have for the music and am interested in helping you guys out. However, I cannot play any of the instruments I saw listed; I am just a composer with a piano and the ability to play drums and percussion. I do own some sounds that I can get to sound fairly real, but many of those instruments, including fiddles and such, would sound much better realistically than what I’ve got. I have worked with and am currently working with some game developers and have worked with professional producers plenty of times. A good reference I have, though it is far happier than what I assume you guys are going for and probably culturally a different genre than what you ultimately want, is this extremely simplistic Celtic sounding track I put up on SoundCloud not too long ago:

Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you for your time! :)

Auralation Music Says:

We’d love to work on this project. We’ve got a team of award winning composers and audio designers with years of experience. This seems to be different than most projects, and we love that. Incorporating accordions, fiddles, etc would be no problem. We’ve got a long list of very talented sessions players if your budget allows for it, and if not we’ve got thousands of dollars in plugins that could be just as good.

James McLauchlan Says:

Hey. Would love to collaborate on this project with you. It sounds really interesting.

Cheers James

In addition to my main site, more of my work can be auditioned at the following sites.

Stef Savastio Says:

I’ve been composing for internet clients since 2011 and have written over 100 songs. Here’s 5 of them: Thank you much.

Gerald Mann Says:

I have steampunk experience, and would love to be a part of this!

Maggie Bigelow Says:

Adding one more name to your long list of composers. I also do sound design if that is something you’re going to need in the future.

Check out my website and if you need any more samples let me know.

Antonio S Says:

I have experience in blending different genres and creating original stuff. Prices may vary upon number of tracks, lenght, and required complexity. You can listen to some of my music ad the url I posted as ‘website’. My strenght point is that my stuff sounds ‘real’ and ‘played’ as opposed to ‘sampled, sythesized and programmed. Everything sounds alive and never a bland substitute. I really don’t like to speak about myself, actually, so please listen to some of my music, and contact me if interested.

Mateusz Wegrzyn Says:


I am the person who are You searching for, I would be pleased to join Your project. I am experienced and educated music composer [Royal Conservatory and Rotteram Conservatory], moreover I am an inventor and constructor of instruments / sound sculptures [which in coincidence looks very steampunky, for example ].
By joining this project I would like to develop unique sound resolutions in combination of my musical imagination and knowledge to produce music which will surpass yours expectations.

Let me present my portfolio, firstly music for picture:

“Blank Page” directed by Rajel Matsili, [ International Film Festival Ars Independent ]

“Eternal Silence” – Based on Blaise Pascal quotation. Impression about PostApocalypse world.

Maybe enough of music for picture,
there is a sound sculpture, danger! very dark and heavy!

Chaotic form?

You have mentioned about pipe sound? there is a sample of my project of hydro organum…

Of course I can compose a classical string quartet if necessary…

Thats only a part of my portfolio, feel free to visit my websites: – as independent composer / experimental – commercial / music for picture

I see new tasks as a welcome challenge, which I look forward to.

Best Regards

Mateusz Węgrzyn

David Glock Says:


Two short pieces written specifically for you guys. Both done in about 1 hour so please treat them as demos in need of a LOT of work. I just wanted to write something different to everything else.

Instruments used: Balalaika, Accordion, Guitar, Duduk, Didgeridoo , Piano, and a bunch of old metal sounding drums.


Mehdi Charaf Says:


I may be interested by working on your project. I can compose in every style needed and am very used to creating particular themes for particular characters/places etc

You can find my work here :

Best regard,

Shams Md Says:

Hi, I want to apply for this position. I am a composer, a guitarist and a recording artist with enormous sound libraries ,software collections and equipment. I’ve read all your requirements and created a sample. Please go to the link below.

Aric Pifer Says:

Greetings, My name is Aricrey and I make steampunk dance music for my DJ sets and also compose for videogames. I’ve been searching for a game like this to compose for. I really pride myself on my unique sound, so please feel free to take a look at my soundcloud page

Marijus Dovydaitis Says:

hey. My name is Marijus. I’m music composer and producer from lithuania. I have a lot experience with music making. I’m musician for more then 12 years. I was growing with classical music, but I’m into everything(jazz,blues,funk,pop,electronic…). I am multi instrumentalist so my music is always full of sounds. there is our small team video, all the soundtrack was created originaly by me.

Tess Tyler Says:

Dear Incubator Games!

I’m a Berklee College of Music graduate with a Masters in Scoring for Film, Television and Videogames.
I’m experienced in composing for indie video games scene, and flourish when using alternative and ethnic instrumentation. The artwork for Trudy’s Mechanicals is beautiful, and incredibly inspiring to me. I have ideas coming out of my ears! I’d be honoured to be a part of the creative team for this incredibly promising project.

When I read the job description, the word “Steampunk” jumped off the page! I’ve always had a fascination with the Steampunk movement, both visually and historically. I believe I could translate the genre faithfully with my composition. Coincidentally, but perhaps benefically, I have already written and orchestral piece for an animated short called “Steampunk Riders”. You can find footage of me conducting the piece I wrote with the London Symphony Orchestra at Air Studios, London here:

If you wish to peruse my work even further, then please feel free to visit my website or my SoundCloud:

All the very best, and I hope to hear from you soon. Regardless of my success with this application, I wish the team at Incubator Games much success with Trudy’s Mechanicals, and can’t wait to see the final product!

Tess Tyler

Paul Mitchell Says:

Hello Incubator Games,

My name is Paul Mitchell and I am submitting my portfolio and ” Demonstration Track ”

for consideration for the composer opening for “Trudy’s Mechanicals”.

Why should you hire me for your next project :

- I am reliable having worked as a paid musician I understand deadlines
and that time is money.

- I am creative working in musical theatre composition has taught me to think
out of the box and create music suited to the storyline.

- I have all my own equipment and can mix, master and sound design
within the comfort of my own home.

- I am excited, this would not be just any opportunity to me it would, be my first
full length title game and am willing to put in the work necessary to help you realize
the goals of your team.

I can be contacted at : or by phone at : 301-996-7114

P.S. : I composed an original cue, just for this interview it’s called ” Clocks of the Celestial Realm”.

_Thanks In Advance

Paul Mitchell ( icreatemusic27)

David Obaniyi Says:

Good Morning, My name is David Obaniyi and I’m a film/tv and video game music composer and I would like to apply my services for your needs.

Here are some samples of my work:

If you need anyone to write music for any films, video games, or any other projects then my contact information is down below.

My phone number is 215-303-5303.
My email is
My Skype username is DaveMeister44
Thank you very much for listening and hope to hear from you all very soon.

Angel Castro Says:

Hi, i´m composer and sound designer, I compose any kind of music to be used in Videogames making a mix between orchestra and electronic elements, please check my soundcloud page for more information
Thanks and regards.

Angel Castro.

Grant McCauley Says:


I’m a music producer/composer of Cinematic and TV production music. My music has been featured on TV shows such as Celebrity Big Brother, Storage Wars Canada, 16×9 and Biker TV. I’ve also had music in the Toronto Independent Film Festival, Bell TIFF Lightbox, numerous short films and for recording artists.



Kiril Travinski Says:

We get our music from Game Sound Planet – those composers nail it every time.

Garrett Beelow Says:


I imagine I may be a little too late for this but I had to give it a shot. Your vision for this game sounds very interesting and I am really intrigued by what you’ve explain thus far. It would really be a pleasure to work with you guys.

I am a professional composer with six years of industry experience, and I have no doubt that I can provide you with the best possible musical accompaniment for Trudy’s Mechanicals. Please take a listen to my demo reel if you are at all interested in my services. :-)

Thanks very much for your time!

El D`Vir Says:

Hello. I hope it’s may be not too late too apply.

First of all, I am EXTREMELY interested in steampunk now.
Actually I was just thinking about composing something
related and suddenly a friend of mine sent me yout offer.
Also I am very much familiar with ethnic instruments,
arrangements and other stuff since those making a unique
atmosphere for any composition and I consider making atmosphere
and feelings\senses a thing which I am pretty much good at. :D
I can also mention that some kind of fantasy (may be even fairy
tale related) music is my favourite for now, so I guess that
I could make a wonderful soundtrack.

Anyway, if it’s not too late, feel free to contact me, please.

You can check out my portfolio at
for more information about me and the latest works of mine.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

VictorTso Says:

Wow too many musician…

Anyway my name is Victor Tso. I’m a 7-year-experienced composer. I have worked in the fields such as the OST composing/producing and sound design works for New York Film Academy for last three years, and received a best OST award in Los Angeles Film Festival 2015.

Here is the website:
And here is the IMDB:

If you need more analog synth sound like BBC Radiophonic Workshop or the orchestra sound like Emerson String Quartet, I’m here for help.


Nathan Madsen Says:


I’m a composer/sound designer who has worked on over on over 140 projects since 2005. I can also assist with voice over direction/production as well as overall audio implementation. To learn more about me and hear some of my work, check out the links below:

*sound effects:





As you can see, I write in several different styles and pride myself on providing top quality to small and large scale projects. I have flexible rates and can work within a wide range of situations. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or for a custom quote.

Thanks and I hope to speak with you soon!


Nick Says:


I’m a composer and if you need music for your games I’m willing to help.