The Toronto Reference Library played host to a very fun event over the weekend: WordPlay.

While video games do have the ability to tell some very captivating stories, a large portion are filled with trite settings and plot-lines. Contrasting this trend, WordPlay put the focus on narrative and had some very interesting guests and workshops to boot.

The highlights had to be Ryan North explaining that he avoided the pitfall of a crappy ending by creating dozens of them in “To Be or Not to Be,” and Peter Watts explaining how he got away with branding the corpse-eating power suit of Crysis 2 the “NOM”.

Some photos below:


Jim introducing the panelists.


Conan the Barbarian as a spirit guide that helps with everyday problems is a pretty awesome concept.


For a first-time event with a somewhat niche focus, the turnout was quite good.


Rachel Khan and Matt Hammill look on as the merits of potato-batteries and Skyrim marriages are debated.

Thanks to Jim Munroe and the rest of the Hand Eye Society for organizing the event!

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