Join the Block Star Battle! 


Fans of competitive puzzle games will want to check out our latest work-for-hire project, Block Star Battle! We’ve been hard at work developing this game for Play Puddle, with new updates being published often. After celebrating a successful launch in South America, the game is getting ready to soon take North America and the world by storm!

Key Features:


  • ┬áIn 2 Player Classic mode, players are matched up for synchronous battles.


  • The larger your colour matches, the bigger the blocks you drop onto your opponent’s board. Whoever lasts the longest without letting their board reach the top wins!


  • Players can customize their avatar and unlock new outfits and options as they progress.


  • Several vibrant and fully animated stages can be unlocked as unique settings where your matches play out.

Play Me!

Since this is one of our first work-for-hire projects to be widely available to the public, we encourage you to head over to Facebook and check it out for yourself.

Posted by Matt Kidd
Animator at Incubator Games
Sabina Says:

bring this game back please!