Announcing The CO2 Connection! 

Our latest work-for-hire is another title in the Kelvin Adventures series entitled “The CO2 Connection.” Developed with Unity3D, The CO2 Connection is an educational kids game that revolves around sequestering CO2, a process by which carbon emissions are safely stored underground.

Throughout the game, the player explores various regions of Alberta and builds a network of pipelines to properly extract, transport and sequester carbon pollution. The gameplay combines exploration and resource management, with a handful of minigames that give a clear, scientific view of the numerous steps involved in the sequestering process.

Below are some of our early concept pieces created by Abel Oroz, as well as a few preliminary in-game screenshots.

CO2_Connection_charactersCO2_Connection_badlands_conceptCO2_Connection_tree_conceptCO2_Connection_downtown_concept CO2_Connection_screenshot_1CO2_Connection_screenshot_2

Posted by Radek Koncewicz
@JustRadek, designer at Incubator Games